Life Model

For me life modelling is a profession. I have been a member of the Life Model Society in Melbourne since 2011 however I had been modelling occasionally for a few years before then. I remember feeling pretty awkward at 19 when I first modelled for a couple of artists in their garret studio while I was still at art school!  Now Life modelling is intrinsically linked to my arts practise and life. My art school training included plenty of life drawing which affords me an intimate empathy with the struggle to render the human body real and life like in charcoal, pencil, conte, ink, paint and clay...............    As a performing artist and dancer modelling continually feeds back information on the body, my body’s - internal structure, proprioception and sense of embodied self. With these wonderful experiences I feel I have the tools and skills to create anatomically interesting and dynamic poses so that those at the drawing board can gain knowledge and enjoy the experience of depicting the human form.

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