Moving from Perth to Melbourne with only one suitcase and shifting an art practise involving vast amounts of materials, tools and equipment to just one thing - my self – has been liberating. The body as a site for art work is as infinite as all the materials and places you could think of.  My performance practise is steeped in phenomenological research and investigations of my body/self in relation to its environments and to other bodies. I add to this work, layers of social history that have constructed the body, how it behaves, is read and perceived. My performance practise is often site specific, playing with atmospheres, physical elements and environments but also employing evidence from historical research, urban legends and mythologies.
This move from Perth to Melbourne was in 2009, the year I went to puppetry school. I found myself desiring performance skills to create the images I envisaged and tell the stories I needed to tell. Since then I have trained in: Suzuki method of physical theatre, clown, improvisation, Butoh, Action Theatre, Bodyweather, and Viewpoints. I continue to work and train in most of these forms.
I create both solo improvisations and work collaboratively on performance projects:  Environmental Performance authority (EPa) – we create site specific  dance works that are participatory in nature and take place in a range of environments from the Yarra River to an explosives reserve. Our aim includes engaging our audience in the atmospheres of sites, suffuce with histories both pleasant and repellent. We seek to provide our audience an opportunity to subtly shift perspectives of the world around them, de-familiarising territories and re-sensitise the experience of both the sites we create work in as well as ways of experiencing place in unique ways.

Environmental Performance Authority:

Body of Water

Distal Fragments

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